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Ashmole Trust

Developing the Qualities

Ashmole Academy Trust aims to have the highest expectations for all students.  We strive to develop the whole person and have a balance between academic and personal well-being.  We focus on the development of the individual resulting in qualities such as self-reliance, courtesy, respectfulness, initiative, and highly motivated students who flourish in a valued caring environment.

We promise to develop a caring and tolerant community working together to achieve the success of all its members. We want our students to be confident, committed and hardworking individuals who will make excellent progress and reach their full potential.

Ashmole Academy Trust expects and insists on the highest standards of behaviour throughout our schools. Our aim is to create a friendly environment while insisting on strict standards of behaviour and courtesy. The ethos of the Trust is founded on the quality of relationships between all who work and learn here. Such relationships are characterised by mutual respect, consideration and common courtesy, irrespective of position, gender, race, disability or culture. We all value the positive atmosphere generated as a member of the Ashmole Academy Trust.

Code of Conduct:


The Academy believes that the following behaviour from adults and students will encourage even higher standards of behaviour.

  • Punctuality
  • Clear, appropriate preparation for lessons
  • Clear communication
  • Clear guidance on the use of sanctions and praise
  • Consistent use of praise and sanctions across all years
  • Mutual respect and support
  • Listening to and valuing the opinions of others
  • Opportunities for student involvement at all levels
  • Adults setting high and appropriate standards in behaviour, dress and expectations

Around the School

  • All members of the school community should treat one another with respect.
  • Punctuality from all is absolutely necessary
  • Courtesy at all times is essential in corridors and at doors

Concerning Work

  • Any work produced should always be the best effort possible
  • All work produced whether in books, for display or for reference must be treated with respect.